Bodymind Coaching Program

JOURNEY BACK TO YOU coaching program is either 3, 6, or 1 year programs.

These programs are designed to heal and transform your life. Be sure to click this link if your not sure what bodymind coaching is
Program costs discussed on our free clarity call.

Bodymind single sessions available (90 minutes) to sample my coaching technique. This can be virtual or in my studio $200

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Massage Therapy

90 minutes $135

60 minutes $90


Into the Heart Retreats

2 Local Ann Arbor retreats each year! We host one in May and another in September, which is scheduled around the full moon. Gather for healing and sacred divine feminine work as we do nourishing workshops ranging from laughing yoga, Tai chi, prayer time, fires, organic whole meals, ceremony, song, expanded potential meditations, yoga, inner vision boarding workshops, activated luminaries for manifesting, drumming, sound bath healing with crystal bowls, dance, freedom of expression playshops and so much more! We also offer one destination retreat yearly at a new location to be determined.



This is a total day of YOU! We will customize a healing that’s about 5 hours long and is meant to direct, heal, uplift, and get clarity and focus on your life. We will do some core issue work and then move into the events of the day. These can vary widely based on your personal needs, spiritual direction, and emotional needs. The world is ours here and this VIP day is a shapeshifter and gamechanger in your life path. Prices vary and start at $500 for a personal customized day with me as your facilitator.


Portable Ceremony

Do you have a circle of women to bring a healing ceremony to? I offer a Purification, Fireside and tea, blessing way for new life (spirit baby shower), planting new visions, midwifing a spirit into the afterlife (or a memorial type ceremony) or a personal ceremony that we craft based on your needs or the needs of your community circle. Let’s discuss each of these options in detail together, Costs are dependant on group size and location start at $425


I AM Presence Playshops

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION PLAYSHOP, we will discover the very reasons why we do not speak our hearts truth. Learn about the blockages to the freedom of expressing what’s inside of you, and dance with live drumming to move the charged and perhaps repressed energy out of the body. Bring your true nature up and out to reveal the hidden pearl within you! SONG, RHYTHM, and MOVEMENT embodiment to help you learn the tools to living a vitally expressed life!

FLOW POUR PLAYSHOP, I often here people say these thing….I’m not an artist, “I’m not creative”. I could not disagree more with these statements. I will lead you through an amazing intentional paint project to unleash the creative flow in your life. This piece will make you proud and you WILL realize your artistic potential. We will draw oracle cards and go through a meditation to have your animal totems, goddess guides or other guidance discovered! We will incorporate these totems into your healing piece of art that you take home!

SONG CIRCLE PLAYSHOP. We will utilize the power of your voice and unify all voices as one. A true sense of community and oneness is embodied when voices unite as one. There is total power here, oxytocin releases when our voices harmonize as one. I will lead an intention song circle with songs that are all about upliftment and the sacred remembrance of our souls. Many songs have been created by myself in meditations.

Costs depend on size and location. Starts at $650 which includes all supplies and guest practitioners (drummer, paint supplies, and such)


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