IN MY PAST I OFTEN TIMES FOUND MYSELF THINKING THESE THINGS……..If only for a short time, I could get away and receive nourishment and reflection. I crave connections with women that are looking to spiritually evolve and grow. I just cant keep doing the winery tours or the shopping trips with my lady friends. I desire a deeper connection to a sisterhood that I haven’t found yet, a sacred container where I am SAFE, HELD, and WITNESSED! I know my prayers that I say to God are important, but there’s something more, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. It seems there has been something long forgotten in the hearts and spirits of our collective Divine Feminine wisdom…… our lost sacred ceremonial knowledge. I long to sit in circle with other women to express full reverence to all the life giving elements and to pay full observance in the connection to the other world, the REALM OF SPIRIT. I am tired, and weary with the endless day on repeat. Wake, eat, work, task, care for everyone’s needs, crash, burn and……REPEAT!

I wish I Could Afford the time and money it requires to replenish my soul, but simply….I can’t.

But is this really true?

Have you ever truly asked yourself whats at the root of that truth, where does this even come from?

Most importantly do you want to continue NOT LIVING out your longings, and keep this way of life going for yourself?

What will that cost you ultimately?

This Retreat is for you!

Julie Kouyate and Dori Edwards are all about reclaiming the sacred element back into our daily busy lives. This retreat was born from a true desire for women to live FULLY and FREELY under the true expression of the Divine Feminine principle.

Throughout our time working with women to bring the sacred back to the everyday, and to truly embody their creative genius, we have discovered that women have a DEEP wound. The wound of self-worth is a consistent backstory for most women. We are keeping the wounding alive by adhering to ideas about how we MUST be, act, and express our deepest truth. This is getting in the way of our true capacity for living in our joy potential.

I often hear women speak such words as “I cant move that sensually”, “I am not an artist” “who am I to claim that” “I can’t speak my truth, someone might not like it” “I cant dance, or sing”, ” I could never say those things”, “I am not lucky” I cant manifest like she can” ……this ALL boils down to the same thing NOT FEELING WORTHY!

But believe me sister you are!

Each year we hold 2 local Retreats in Ann Arbor, Michigan on 22 beautiful and quiet acres called Hempress farms.

Next Local Retreat Dates are June 10-12th

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What Clients Are Saying

Local Retreats

Do you find your soul calling out for more but you’re not exactly sure what it’s trying to tell you?

Do you wish for deeper, more meaningful connections with yourself and other women?

Do you feel the need to rest deeply and be completely cared for and nurtured?

Do you find yourself struggling to FULLY believe in your most expanded potential?

Do you need to take a time out and experience a few days of unfiltered laughter?

Do you wish for a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction and the way you create your own reality?

Do you want to dive into Old Way rituals and learn how to incorporate them into your daily lives?

Well, if any of these questions are a resounding yes inside your solar plexus, heart and mind, WE have just what the doctor (should have) ordered!

LADIES!!!! Julie Kouyate and Dori Edwards have created a space for healing, connecting with other women, and sharing guided experiences that will enrich your souls and lead you to a life more inspired. We hope you can come bless us with your presence. We like to think of our guests as our Queens for the weekend and we treat you like Royalty. Allow us to pamper you, nourish your beings and enliven your spirits.
Only 15 spots available to keep the experience intimate.

Next Local Retreat Dates are June 10-12th

Please rsvp to Julie Kouyate at or call

Next Local Retreat Dates are June 10-12th

Stay tuned for the weekend’s itinerary and who our special guest teachers will be at the event workshops like laughing yoga, prayer time with Ada, some form of movement (Thai Chi, yoga, Nia etc), sound bath healing, inner vision boarding, activating prosperity workshop, Science of Spiritual Cleansing, I Am Presence Playshop, Purification Ceremony, and more.

Food Provided: hot tea/snacks/soup Friday, breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday and breakfast/lunch Sunday. All meals will be nutritious Paleo and Vegetarian prepared with your wellness in mind by the Village of Natural Teachings life coach, Ada Robinson.

Special Instructors: TBA
Camping is encouraged simply for the sake of connecting to the earth but not a must. If the weather gets too bad we can accommodate you inside.*****Covid Restrictions may apply***** Enquire about alternative sources for accommodations. ******
Cancellation Policy: Deposits will be refunded if need to cancel within 21 days of retreat. Full payments will be refunded ONLY if paid in full and will be considered ONLY in event of an emergency.

Sorry no alcohol or mind altering substances during the weekend. We are going to get high off an elevated vibration.

What Clients Are Saying

This was one of the most amazing things that I have ever done! Cleansing, invigorating, emotional, uplifting. There’s so much to say and do! I recommend this for anyone! It refreshes your spirit. You will meet some amazing women! I will never forget this time and the special people that I was lucky to meet.”

Lisa Burack,

The Purposeful Pivot Goddess Retreat is one not to be missed! So much care, love, and detail are put into this event. Julie and Dori are knowledgeable and experienced in bringing out your inner wild goddess for deep healing and focus with intent.This is a pic of me on cloud nine, one day after their last retreat! I am still feeling the benefits as I write this today.”

Wendy Johnson,

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