Mitigation protocols for safe massage practices at KOUYATE HEALING ARTS

  At Kouyate Healing Arts there is nothing more important than implementing new protocols in order to keep you safe! We are concerned about your health and wellness and certainly want to do everything possible, so that you can receive the benefits of our therapeutic offerings!

  Upon arrival,  all clients are obligated to wear a mask, as well as your therapist. You will be asked to wash your hands thoroughly upon arrival as well. A special intake/waiver will need to be filled out, and your temperature will be taken. Your therapists  temp will be visually posted for you.

  Our treatment rooms have both Blueair filters, HEPA filters, whole building system fans, and tabletop fans running.  Windows are slightly open for ventilation and treatments will take place with the actual treatment door open,  while the front door to the studio remains locked. We have taken many measures to ensure clean air and plenty of ventilation.

  Our treatment tables are covered with plastic so the bed can be sanitized. We also use disposable face cradle covers to avoid reusable ones. Our sheets are sent out to a medical grade facility, where they use disinfecting chemicals to launder.  Extreme high heat is used to dry them. Our sheets are stored in extra heavy duty garbage bags that remain closed at all times, and no longer sits in the treatment room while receiving your session. Soiled laundry is placed in another room, and again, closed at all times.

  All surfaces are FULLY sanitized between clients. Doorknobs, clothes hooks, the treatment table, face cradle, bolster, bathroom knobs, faucet handles, toilet seat, waiver signing pens, and my phone. We are Only using EPA grade disinfectants that they have recommended because they actually work on covid-19. We now have 45 minutes between clients to ensure proper airing out of the space and allows for no overlap of clients coming and going at the same time. Only 1 therapist is working at a time with their clients, rather than sharing the studio.

  We will not come to work if We have any cold symptoms, and we ask that our clients do the same!  We all need to be responsible for this healing environment, as a community.

  We diffuse an essential oil called thieves all day as it’s an anti microbial, anti-viral, bacterial and fungal for the air.

We have eliminated the use of reusable hand towels in the bathroom and now use paper towels to dry. There is no longer water offered after the massage, but of course if you are super parched, I have disposable paper cups and the bathroom faucet if you really need some water.

  Your safety and comfort is our primary concern.  We have followed Michigan’s licensing board, and massage associations guidelines to return safely to massage. We look forward to serving you, and we are open to suggestions of things that you would like to implement that you have not seen listed here.



Julie Kouyate.

 Owner of Kouyate Healing Arts