Welcome to Kouyate Healing Arts! My name is Julie Kouyate, I am a Bodymind coach, and LMT. I have been in the alternative healing and wellness industry for over 20 years now. My skills and toolbox have only gotten sharper and more developed over time. It’s been such a gift to me to do this healing work. I sit, eye to eye with my clients with my heart wide open to hear and share their experience with them. My passion is in taking a person who feels defeated by life and it’s wild circumstances, into total peace. They are reminded of this moment, and their sacred nature. I have a diploma from Irene’s myomassology institute and I adore the training I received there. On the first day of training we are guided to put our hands on each other for a complete 2 hours to learn how to sense energy. I am forever grateful for this as the “set intention” for what healing works really is, instead of a more technical experience (that we learned as well, I promise) Most of my experience is in the field and I have literally worked on thousands of bodies in my career as a successful private practice therapist. I have learned plenty in regards to what us humans struggle with. I have worked with a multitude of medical diagnosis and learned what treatments I can administer within my scope of practice. So many factors contribute to the need for the type of nurturing care I offer. Emotional issues, the overall dissatisfaction people have with their current health care options, how stress evolves into the tissues and stays there, pain, body postures and attitudes about life, depressive states, and even cancer in the body are all reasons why people land in my healing den. They are searching for something deeper and VERY different in their healing experience. Mostly, I had specialized in deep tissue therapy and I can always get down to the nitty gritty when it comes to chronic pain by using deep pressure.

That all changed when I found the Bodymind coaching method, and realized that I was merely enabling my clients to continue living in some of the same behavioral patterns that created the chronic pain and injuries in the first place. Bodymind coaching is now my preferred way to work with clients, because of the way we can change the patterns to create lasting change. This leads to a more connected life that is less restricted in a holistic way…. Body, mind, and spirit! I am a master coach who is certified in Bodymind coaching by founder Laura Wieck of the bodymind method for massage therapists. It’s the most fulfilling expression of my truest healing abilities. It’s everything that I’m meant to do all wrapped up into a healing coaching program. I take clients on a transformational journey! We start with where they are at, and we intently and creatively become curious. We actually CHANGE neurons and the mindset through this process, which changes the body and the emotional state. I always hear my clients saying “but HOW do I change my mindset?” that’s the tricky part……. Affirmations and positive thinking don’t really work without consistent embodiment work towards that desired change. These coaching programs that I have created have gifted me with using all that I am capable of to aide in my clients transformation, all the while utilizing my expertise in bodywork. The embodiment segments of a coaching session can range from intuitive visions, energy work, meditations, movement, voice and song work, feeling into the energy of the emotions more deeply, massage, to visualizations. i offer a program structure using modules, pdfs and slideshows, personalized action plans to activate the new neurological rewiring, intuited exercises to bring the subconscious programs to the forefront of awareness, dance, ceremony, VIP days, local and destination retreats, drumming, frame drum sound healing, and much much more! I believe in the body, its messages, and its potential to heal. The body is always working towards equilibrium and works miraculously to heal the system…..bottom line is the BODY KNOWS THE WAY!

“Julie possesses unique healing abilities and wisdom that guided her to help me identify and move past obstacles in life preventing me from living a more content and peaceful life.”


Our potential to heal and lead joyful lives that are free from excessive suffering is real and true. I am living it, and witnessed clients go from broken to thriving! Using the body to direct and guide our understanding of where our blocks are, and then show us the way into fulfillment and our deepest knowing is where it’s at! We have to bring the body back into the conversation and remember our body’s natural intelligence. We are sensing beings in an age of information where decision making has become a logical experience rather than a body centered knowing. Embodiment means just that….. The act of being IN BODY , that’s what my work is all about. Making connections between what our emotions are expressing and how the mind has decided to assign a meaning or a certain “story” around our experiences. This is what we investigate first in order to re-define our future and what we want to feel around our “‘story”. I have built a strong heart frequency business that serves the deepest needs that us humans face today, soul nourishment and true, lasting healing. Proudly, I accept this role, as it was shown to me after following a un-conventional path that led me straight to this healing work. I quit institutionalized higher learning for living on the beaches in Hawaii with nothing but a backpack and a drum. I felt the fear, yet I followed a calling to go experience life without the comfort of KNOWING what would happen. My life was simple yet hard as it was going from moment to moment. I didn’t have a dime and I saw how the hand of god would feed me when I had nothing, or how a shelter would happen to appear when the rains came in. Living in this way was how I found massage and alternative healing work! When I found it I KNEW it! My long time experience working in this field has credentialed me like nothing else. My work is nothing to explain, its to be FELT to be understood. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to do this sacred work of the divine. I fully offer my hands and heart to my clients to bring about the best healing experience that comes through for them.

In love and light, JULIE

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