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We’re located in Ann Arbor, MI

Welcome, I’m so happy you landed here! Kouyate Healing Arts is a totally unique place to explore many different healing options located right in Ann Arbor Michigan (yet not limited to this location, as I serve my clients virtually as well) I specialize in Bodymind coaching and intuitive massage therapy techniques as a licensed therapist.  These modalities not only soothe your tired bones, but have the power to uplift the spirit and CHANGE your life! My Bodymind coaching programs have the power to shift the mindset, create new energy around that mindset, and will actually create lasting change and transformation. Body comes before mind in this modality because of the way we start to remember to tune into the bodies wisdom to guide and direct our choices. Choice is the key! To make empowered choices that are aligned with our bodies response for what FEELS amazing is a lost art. Mind is not the master and we shift the results in our life by flipping that line of command. We can take you from stuck, redundant patterns into ease and flow with the many healing tools I offer. Take a look at all the soulful ways we can access your highest self ranging from bodymind coaching programs, massage therapy, healing transformational retreats, to group divine feminine work,  ceremony’s, vip days and playshops!


What Clients Are Saying

As a long-time massage client of Julie’s, she has always shown caring and concern for her client’s body and mind well-being.  She often provided small bits of coaching for well-being as a part of our regular massage sessions.  When recent bouts of anxiety and panic attacks started occurring with increasing frequency, Julie suggested I utilize her body-mind coaching to learn to cope, manage and retrain thought patterns.  I tried her “toe-dip” of 4 coaching sessions during which she provided many tools to learn to manage, cope and even befriend the anxiety.  She taught how the body and mind are closely connected.  Her coaching provided tools tailored for making changes to negative thought patterns and learning to manage, cope and reduce the anxiety.  The coaching provided by Julie has helped immensely.  Julie is extremely caring, nurturing, and genuinely interested in the overall health and well-being of her clients.  I would highly recommend Julie’s mind-body coaching.




These programs are designed to heal and transform your life. Not sure what bodymindcoaching is? click below to learn more!


Intuitive therapeutic massage sessions can bring such relief and also invite getting deeply connected back to our true nature.


Gather for healing and sacred divine feminine work as we do nourishing workshops ranging from laughing yoga, Tai chi, prayer time, ceremony, drumming, movement, sound bath healing and so much more….
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This is a total day of YOU, the VIP of your own life. We will customize a healing that’s about 5 hours long and is meant to direct, heal, uplift, and get clarity and focus on your life right NOW!
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Do you have a circle of women to bring a healing ceremony to? I offer a purification, fireside and tea, blessing way for new life, midwifing a spirit into the afterlife and others.
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In my signature Freedom of expression playshop, we will discover the very reasons why we do not speak our hearts truth. Learn about the blockages to the freedom of living from the inside out, unapologetically…
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Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

-Bruce Lee

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